It’s Not Too Late for Fall Heat Pump Maintenance in Land O Lakes, FL!

Although the weather around Land O Lakes, FL, is getting colder, it’s not too late to prepare your heat pump. Routine maintenance is the best way to prepare, which will also provide several benefits throughout the winter.

Fewer Surprise Repairs

Your unit keeps you comfortable during winter’s cold snaps, but it’s during these times that surprise heat pump issues occur. The strain from the cold combines with the strain from preexisting problems to cause these unplanned problems.

During a maintenance visit, your technician will test your unit to ensure everything is working optimally. This minimizes the effect that colder weather will have on your system.

Improved Efficiency

Your system’s efficiency relies greatly on its ability to circulate air effectively. As your system runs, small contaminants collect on your heat exchanger and circulating fan wheel.

The result is less air moving through your system, degrading its efficiency. Your technician will clean these areas to ensure that air can easily flow through your system to maintain maximum efficiency.

Extended Service Life

When technicians properly maintain heat pumps, they should last, on average, 10 to 20 years. However, lack of maintenance allows airflow restrictions to develop and the wear and tear of components to persist.

Both of these problems add substantial operational strain, slowly eroding your unit’s service life. If our technicians find that something isn’t working properly, we can address the problem before it affects the entire system.

Valid Warranty

Most heat pump manufacturers offer a 5- to 10-year warranty on their equipment just in case something malfunctions. However, they know how important routine maintenance is to prevent breakdowns. Due to this, manufacturers make this maintenance a term for keeping their warranty valid.

Don’t find yourself footing the bill for repairs because you neglected annual tune-ups. Schedule your fall heat pump maintenance with our expert technicians at Dymond Heating & Cooling today.

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