Why Your Heat Pump in Tampa, FL, Trips the Breaker

Circuit breakers trip to prevent fires and other electrical issues that occur when appliances draw excessive current. If your heat pump consistently trips its breaker in your Tampa, FL, home, it’s probably because of one of these three issues:

Clogged Air Filter

All air that enters your heat pump must pass through the filter for the filter to trap pollutants. When this vital component remains unchanged for a long time, the accumulated contaminants prevent enough air from entering your heat pump. As a result, your heat pump works harder to draw air, resulting in it using too much power and tripping the breaker.

Heat Pump Compressor Issues

A compressor makes the refrigerant release heat into your house during winter and to the environment during summer by raising the fluid’s temperature and pressure. When this component becomes faulty, it draws excessive current every time you turn on your system, making the circuit breaker trip.

Dirty Outdoor Unit

During winter, the refrigerant absorbs heat at the outdoor coil to warm your indoor environment. When summer comes, the fluid disposes of this heat at the outdoor coil to create a cool indoor environment.

When dirt and debris clog this coil, the refrigerant struggles to absorb or dispose of heat. Consequently, your heat pump works harder than necessary, thus drawing excessive current and tripping the breaker.

Your heat pump may also trip the breaker because of debris around your outdoor unit. When there are excessive leaves and other debris gathered around the outdoor unit, the system must work harder, resulting in an increase in how much power it uses. When your system uses more power, it’s possible for it to trip the breaker.

Resetting your circuit breaker every time it trips isn’t a sustainable solution. Call the heating and cooling experts at Dymond Heating & Cooling so we can address the issues causing your breaker to trip. Our team always offers outstanding services and effective solutions to keep homeowners comfortable.

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