4 Ways a New Thermostat Can Improve Your Home in Odessa, FL

Staying comfortable in Odessa, FL, requires a good HVAC system. While your system may have top-of-the-line technology or new components, your thermostat controls how effective your cooling and heating systems are. If you’re still dealing with an old thermostat, it’s time to upgrade so that you can take advantage of the many benefits below.

1. Easier to Read

One of the biggest benefits of upgrading to a newer style thermostat is that they’re easier to read. They project temperature readings in a large print format that you can see from a distance. In addition, all the settings are clearly labeled so that you can see what your system is currently set on.

2. More Efficient Settings

Another great benefit of a newer thermostat is that it can offer you more energy efficiency, apart from your regularly scheduled system maintenance. Most newer thermostats will track your usage and suggest an optimized schedule to make your system run as efficiently as possible. When your system is running efficiently, you’re not throwing money in the trash by over-running your heating system.

3. Internet Connectivity

A great benefit of a new thermostat is that you can control it from anywhere that you have internet connectivity. Whether you’re sitting downstairs or you’re in another country, you can adjust your home’s thermostat settings from an app on your smartphone.

4. More Accurate Temperature Readings

Old dial thermostats utilize mercury to determine what a room’s temperature is. Over the years, mercury has shown less accuracy than newer technology for gauging the temperature in a home. When you invest in a new thermostat, you’re getting the most accurate temperature reading.

If you’re still using an old thermostat, it’s time to consider upgrading for all of the reasons that we discussed above. Just call Dymond Heating & Cooling to get the assistance that you need to upgrade to a new and more energy-efficient thermostat for your heating system.

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