3 Common Ductless Mini-Split Issues in Land O’Lakes, FL

A mini-split AC is energy efficient and a reliable solution for meeting your household cooling needs. But your system can develop faults in the course of its lifetime. Here are the three common ductless mini-split issues you may encounter in Land O’Lakes, FL.

1. Your Mini-split System Is Not Blowing Cold Air

One common reason your mini-split AC system is blowing warm air is low refrigerant levels. The refrigerant could be running low due to leaks within the refrigerant system.

Dirt on the coils can act as insulation between the warm air from your house. Thus, your air conditioning equipment will keep running to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Scheduling maintenance is one way to address issues related to low refrigerant. Recharging the refrigerant system can facilitate dehumidification when relative humidity is over 70% in Pasco County. If your AC is blowing warm air, don’t hesitate to consult our highly trained repair team in Land O’Lakes, FL.

2. Ice Accumulation on the Outdoor Unit

If you notice frost accumulating on your outdoor unit, it could be due to a low refrigerant charge. In such instances, the coils don’t have adequate refrigerant to absorb heat from the warm indoor air.

Another issue could be airflow blockages preventing air from passing through the evaporator coils. The coil can get too cold without sufficient warm air flowing across it.

You can thaw the ice by switching off your mini-split AC and turning on the fan if possible. The warm air from the room will melt the frost. Otherwise, you should call an HVAC professional to troubleshoot airflow problems and equipment malfunctions.

3. Mini-Split System Keeps Short Cycling

A short cycling mini-split AC system will keep switching on and off to maintain indoor temperatures. The constant on-and-off operation can damage the fan motor, compressor and electronic controls.

Start by checking your indoor thermostat settings and clean or replace your filter. If the cycling continues, the issue could be equipment sizing, low refrigerant or dirty coils.

A mini-split AC is one of the best options for new constructions and homes with no existing ductwork or for additions that existing HVAC systems can’t accommodate. Our highly trained Trane Comfort specialists can install virtually any AC model and brand. Call Dymond Heating and Cooling for dependable and timely ductless AC services in Land O’Lakes, FL.

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