3 Common Causes of Poor IAQ in Oakstead, FL

The indoor air quality of your home in Oakstead, FL, is crucial to healthy living. Poor indoor air quality may lead to allergens and breathing-related infections. Here are three reasons why your indoor air quality may be too low.

Heating and Cooling Practices

The regular use of heating and cooking appliances such as stoves, BBQ pits, heaters, and cookers can affect your indoor air quality. Most of these appliances release pollutants that may aggravate existing health conditions. Long-term exposure to wood or stove smoke can also lead to lung cancer.

Stoves and barbecue pits use wood and charcoal that give off soot or smoke that, when breathed in, can cause nose or eye irritations and asthma. While gas is a cleaner fuel source alternative, it may lead to the release of carbon monoxide gas in small amounts.

Volatile Organic Compounds

The presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in household substances such as paint, beauty aids, and certain pharmaceutical products is troubling. Fresh paint in your home can lead to a decrease in indoor air quality due to VOCs. Exposure to such elements can cause headaches and a loss of coordination.

It’s best to stay away from products that include the use of chemicals containing VOCs. Long-term exposure to some of these compounds can cause cancer, irregular breathing, and nausea, among other health hazards. Boosting airflow and ventilation is crucial to avoiding VOCs in your home.

Biological Aspects

Indoor air and outdoor air may contain foreign pollutants such as biological growth, pathogens, dust, pollen, and pet dander. Such contaminants cause allergies and breathing complications like sinuses and colds.

These are just some of the leading causes of poor indoor air quality. Call Dymond Heating & Cooling to hire our technicians for all your HVAC installations and maintenance needs.

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